Hollidaysburg Community Band
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, USA

The Hollidaysburg Community Band is comprised of dedicated volunteer musicians, from Hollidaysburg and its surrounding areas, who have a common interest in playing great music, improving musical skills, and having fun. Our stated purpose is "to provide an opportunity for area musicians to express and develop their skill and share their talent with the local community."

Members have ranged in age from their teens to their 90s and represent a wide variety of professions. We all share a love of music and believe that performing music is a lifelong journey. The Hollidaysburg Community Band wishes to provide its members with an on-going educational experience, to promote music in the lives of young people, and to give back to our great, central PA community through concert performance. New members are welcome to join, regardless of whether they are a Hollidaysburg alumnus.

The Hollidaysburg Community Band is an all-volunteer organization and we appreciate your support and/or financial assistance. We invite you to come see the Hollidaysburg Community Band.